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Welcome to our Youth Group Page!

The SAG was founded to empower young people to make their community and country a better place. This continues to be our primary aim. Young people can join the group in September each year when they begin Second Level Education. Our young members are very active on the ground planning and organising a range of activities and projects. Each year young people are elected to a committee which alongside adult leaders oversee the running of the group. The Groups Headquarters is Teach Iosagain a modern and large youth creativity centre.

The Social Action Group year begins in September when new members are inducted into the group. They immediately become involved with other members in organising a wide range of activities and projects. The major projects of the year include the October challenge, where members take part in a two day venture and seek sponsorship in a door to door collection collecting over ten thousands euros each year. This money is used for various SAG projects. Each year up to €3000 is sent to a Project in the Developing World. Over one quarter of a million has been sent since 1975.

In the Christmas challenge our members seek to spread the Christmas spirit by visiting older people in the community, bringing gifts, singing carols and chatting. They cook a special Christmas dinner on December 27th of each year for people who might be living alone. It is a very special occasion.

Other projects throughout the year include outings and parties for people attending St Josephs’ Day Care Centre or living in our Social Houses. The members also involved in house maintenance, nature walks, youth trips and the Gáisce Award challenge.
We also have a Summer programme which includes a Day trip for the children of Chernobyl who visit Rathmore, a Summer outing for the people attending the Day Centre, an evening per week of Summer work involving painting, gardening among other activities.

The Group also organises a monthly disco for all of the young people in the community and a social club for young people each Friday night.

Young people involved in the Social Action Group really make a big difference, helping to brighten up the lives of people in many different ways. They also benefit by being involved and by helping others developing a sense of purpose, self-confidence and self-esteem.

‘The day you were born is the most important day of your life, and the second most important day is the day you discover why you were born’.

If you are interested in joining the SAG Youth Group at any time please contact us on 064 776 1000 or just call into Teach Iosagain for an application form.