Care of Older People

Caring & Making a Difference

“I love my house provided by the Social Action Group. I feel wanted, safe and comfortable. The day centre nearby is a wonderful place, lovely food, welcoming staff, great company and craic, nursing care and even a shower and shave if you need it. I lived alone in an isolated area and often felt lonely and insecure and now I am so content and happy. This is our piece of heaven” (An elderly resident.)

The SAG Care Programme for Older People includes four Dimensions.

Social Houses

The SAG has 31 Social housing units for older people who live in our own community and indeed beyond. Many of the houses are two bedroomed, residents pay a very reasonable rent, and maintenance is provided by the SAG. The houses have always been fully occupied since 1991 and presently there is a short waiting list. Residents must be able to live independently in the houses.

St Joseph’s Day Care Centre

The SAG also provides a Day Centre which is opened each day Monday to Friday. The Day Centre provides nursing and personal care, entertainments, meals and a safe haven for older people. Many Older people are transported to the centre each day by our SAG buses from all over the community.

“I did not realise the Social Action Group offered such a brilliant service until my mother got Alzheimer’s. Now she attends the day centre five days a week providing us with respite and enabling us to care for her at home” (Family Carer).

Meals on wheels

The SAG provides dinners to many older people each day living various part of the community. The dinners are transported by our SAG drivers.

Laundry Service

The Laundry Service was the first service provided for Older People by the SAG. The introduction of this service initiated the SAG’s care programme for older people opening many doors and requests for essential improvements. In the early years this service was built up by Sr. Geneieve and the young SAG members. Today, the HSE provide the staff for the Laundry, but is run by the SAG.